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How often can stakers receive their dividend?

The VEGAS stakers won't earn UST dividend on a daily basis. But instead they can claim it every time someone updates a global index. This mechanism works the same way as Anchor LP staking but with UST instead of ANC. So the dividend happens as frequently as stakers want to claim their dividend.

What is the casino probability advantage?

There is no such a thing as probability advantage of let's say 49% to win for gamblers against 51% to win for the casino. The probabilities of win/lose are completely fair in fact Terra-Vegas doesn't even control the randomness generation that will result in winning or losing. What we control though is the payout. What this means in a simple example is; Let's take the coinflip game and how it is implemented in TV. When you bet $1 The probability of winning is 50% and the probability of losing is also 50%. But when you do win you don't get $2 but $1.99. Now you might think that we would need a lot of volume to make this attractive for investors but we don't solely rely on this payout advantage. We also have a 10% tax cut on the wins. This tax will be shared among all games.

Is the reserve fund split among games?

The reserve fund is all the money gathered by all games. It is not split between games and there are no allocations per games. It is initially filled by the ICO.
  1. 1.
    the reserve contains $1M UST. Bob stakes $100VEGAS and Alice has also $100VEGAS staked and they are the only stakers of $VEGAS.
  2. 2.
    The dividend ratio is 50%.
  3. 3.
    John bets $100 and the reserve deposited in anchor protocol increased by $4 (stable coin anchor deposit yield).
  4. 4.
    the reserve increases from $1M to $1.000.104
  5. 5.
    The gain of the reserve is $104
  6. 6.
    50%(dividend) of that gain can be distributed as dividend. the gain is 104$ and 50% ($52) will be distributed. Alice can claim 26$ and Bob also can claim 26$

How is the maximum betting amount calculated per game?

  • The max bet is not per game but per round. Every round has a maximum betting limit. the max betting limit is just a ratio of the reserve. Basically if the coinflip round has a ratio of 50 and the reserve contains $1M, gamblers will be able to bet 20K within that round
  • So if this is round number X and Alice bets $15K on tail (coinflip), bob can only bet up to 5K during that round. or he can wait until the round is finished to be able to bet more
  • At the same time john can bet with the same mechanics against the reserve for the double dice game (with the respective double dice ratio)

How does the theoretical price of $TVGS increase even with no demand?

  • TV will thrive even when there is 0 demand (players) player betting on the casino. Because the reserve continuously grows based on safe returns on a stable coin (UST in this case). But if there are players betting that's even better. Added to that you have a finite max supply and you get a forever increasing price for one token because 1 token is backed by a forever increasing reserve.
  • The reserve is automatically deposited on anchor protocol. this part is already handled by the TV reserve's smart contract.
  • The day the community thinks anchor deposits are not as profitable, a DAO poll can be suggested and a new return on reserve would be implemented. but the idea is that the reserve fund won't be sleeping. This mechanics is already developed, deployed, tested and live.
In that case we might as well deposit into anchor without passing by terra-vegas?
  1. 1.
    Yes you can do that. Terra-vegas will not take any fees from your anchor yield, but you will be missing out on players bets. so your overall yield is superior or equal to anchor protocol deposits. One of the reasons Terra-vegas is here is to have higher yields than safe lending protocols like anchor while you don't take much risk on the long run. No risk because casino payouts are based on probabilities that can be trusted.
  2. 2.
    So if there are no players playing you will get exactly the same amount as anchor deposits. but when there are players then you get even more
How can i earn without gambling ?
You earn by staking your VEGAS tokens. VEGAS tokens are not for gamblers, they are for casino owners. Added to your dividend you also get your share in the casino DAO governance
what kind of yield are we expecting ?
  1. 1.
    so the yield will be 18%(At the time of writing) from anchor deposits + player bets. We can't give you an estimation here. but what we can tell you is that the dividends you can get them anytime you decide to and all the yield is distributed to VEGAS stakers in UST
  2. 2.
    Let's say a whale comes and bets 1 million dollars. and loses the bet. that million goes for example 50 percent to the reserve and 50 percent is distributed to the stakers in UST
  3. 3.
    That 50% dividend is voted on by the stakers through DAO
where does the reserve go ?
The reserve stays on the smart contract of the reserve. players bet against the reserve via some game contracts. The bigger the reserve the bigger players can bet. The reserve pretty much belongs to the stakers. And some of the gains of the reserve are distributed to the stakers and some stay for the growth of the protocol.
there are many online casinos rn, what makes tv more appealing to gamble here ?
  • first is that it is a DAO so it truely is a coomunity casino and parameters of games are automatically changed by code via voting with 0 human interventions.
  • Then, unlike most online casinos, everything happens on chain so everything is public and no centralised point.
  • Games won't be on mainnet without them being open sourced and this offers both gamblers and players to have the possibility to check what's happening.
  • The randomness is not generated by Terra-vegas but by a decentralised source of randomness brought to chain by terrand. This makes sure that Terra-vegas is not cheating but also makes randomness hacks not possible (it is very hard to make random numbers on blockchains otherwise)
  • The randomness is also verifiable, so you can go after your bet has been done and check somewhere else provable the result. not just trust terra-vegas. Terra-vegas protocol is trustless.
  • The Tokenomics is very appealing. You can refer to the question How does the theoretical price of $TVGS increase even with no demand?
  • The bets happen with a truely decentralised stable coin (UST) So you are not worried that the Token/Coin you're betting with is devaluated while you gamble.
  • We don't have any Venture Capitals so no pressure from anyone to make compromises against fair games, opensource, and stuff that brings short term gains against cool techno that the community sees as the future of gambling and owning a casino
what if the first few bets tv lost & reserve goes to zero ?
So we have a specific project on this and we made simulations for that. Basically we have an automatically adjusted limit on bets calculated based on the reserve amount. Based on these we have game betting limits that make sure that the casino doesn't go bankrupt. At least on 4000 casino launches less than 3 casinos go bankrupt with the setup we are launching. We can decrease this amount to 0 casinos go bankrupt but then it will slow down the growth. We can make the growth faster but then it has more risks. For more questions on how this limit is applied you can refer to the question (How is the maximum betting amount calculated per game?)
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