Welcome to VEGAS!
Terra Vegas is a decentralised casino and is aiming to be the one-stop IBC cross-chain protocol for recreational spending of UST.

Why we chose Terra?

  1. 1.
    $UST is quickly gaining mass adoption and is forming a pathway for a successful decentralised currency. It was the perfect choice for the team as Lunatics ourselves.
  2. 2.
    Faster Transaction Time
  3. 3.
    Minuscule Gas Fees
All of the gameโ€™s transactions are conducted in and built on top of smart contracts. Our Smart Contracts are also transparent and use distributed ledgers and contracts through which everyone can see where the money is, when it should be paid out, and to whom. The randomness generation is also verifiable on-chain.

What is unique about Terra-vegas casino:

For the investors:

  • $VEGAS acts as an attractive investment to hold, as all holders of $VEGAS are owners of Terra Vegas. A larger share of $VEGAS represents a higher % of revenue redirected to users in the form of $UST.
  • Revenue = Lost bets + 10% tax on winners profits + reserve yield strategies decided by the Dao (By default, the reserve grows passively by integrating with Anchor Protocol)
  • Daily dividends are distributed to the $VEGAS stakers in $UST. This means a passive income stream of $UST to spend on what you want!
  • The protocol is always profitable in the long run.
  • Holding $VEGAS also gives you governance rights, which are a key part of the future of Terra Vegas.

For the players:

  • The games have a provably fair randomness, which means players dont get ripped off like they do in traditional casinos
  • The players play against the casino and the randomness is publicly verifiable by everyone. The randomness is generated after the betting rounds are made.
  • Multiple options to spend $UST recreationally, and make money in ways like never before!